The reason why a lot of people do not outrightly support feminism, is that, they think feminism promotes some behaviors that they consider morally wrong. Most of these persons are probably conservative with some issues, they therefore prefer that things remain the way they were, rather than asking to be given the right to do otherwise. An example is the ‘pro choice’ movement against making abortion a crime. Another example is the movements against slut shaming, one of which Amber Rose’s ‘slut walk’ happens to fall under, and some other examples. A lot of people think that asking for the right to do somethings, or asking to be given the choice of making some decisions, automatically means that a supposedly wrong act, is being imposed on everyone, or it means promoting the supposedly wrong act, but its not.

When people ask to be given a choice, it does not mean they are trying to impose a decision on everybody, it only means they want to take away the already imposed decision from people, and then give the persons concerned options; the right to make a choice, instead of not having any choice at all. This option of choice does not in any way, affect the group of persons who do not need options to choose from, because they can still stick to whatever belief it was that they had before. When advocates for Pro-choice talk about giving women the legal right to choose whether to abort a pregnancy or not, they are not forcing the option of abortion on any woman, they are simply helping those who want/need that option. Ordinarily as human beings, women should be able to decide whether or not they want to keep a pregnancy, because its her womb, and the unborn baby is hers to cater for, she therefore, under a normal circumstance, is in the position to make a decision. The Pro-choice does not in any way impose the decision of abortion on those who do not like the idea. That way, people who do not like the idea of feticide can decide to remain conservative by choice. 

A lot of people misunderstand when people fight against ‘Slut-shaming’, a female once said ‘it is used to promote promiscuous’, and that sounded like the dumbest thing in the history of dumb things. Women asking for the right to not be slut shamed because of their sex history for example, does not in any way pressure you, who is not ‘promiscuous’ to be promiscuous, it only means that they do not want to be treated differently or shamed because of that. This same narrative also applies to nudity, and other forms of Slut Shaming and equality of both genders as a whole. The decisions women make in their lives do not affect everyone, therefore people need to stop acting like it does. If your religion or your morals forbids you from doing something, then that’s your personal problem, not everyone’s problem. 

The most disturbing thing about the society imposing verdicts is that, most of these imposed verdicts affects women mostly. Our tradition found a way to imprison women by taking away their choices in the name of ‘religion’ and ‘tradition’ which is unpleasant. It’s the 21st century now, and we all need to understand that Human Rights come before religion or tradition. If a person chooses to follow the tradition, then by all means, but people should also have the right to not follow that tradition if they please. The option of choice shouldn’t be bothering to anyone, because that only shows slavery mentality if you are bothered that people can make their choice. We need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, and take the bold step against misogyny. And we need to do it together, equality is choice, and equality isn’t discrimination, its just equality. 

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