A while ago, Governor Fayose’s son graduated from Covenant University and I never thought of this as news worthy until people, youths especially, started commending him for enrolling his children in Nigerian Universities. Apparently, the governor did not allow any of his children to school abroad unlike his other colleagues who often send their children to school abroad. The politician has since seen this as a great achievement, giving a speech about how he wants other politicians to emulate him and the fact that not sending his children to school abroad means investing in Nigeria. He also said he has never traveled abroad for medical care. Well, I bet if he had ever had a serious ailment, he wouldn’t be bragging about it.

This may seem modest and could buy the trust of some youths, but I would like to know what other achievements does the Governor Fayose have except ‘humility’? This is a governor whose state still owes six months’ salary, why praise him because his children are schooling in Nigeria? How is that even something worth talking about when he has clearly bigger issues? It’s true that schooling in Nigeria is only right, but how about focusing on the duties of a governor other than that of a motivational speaker? This basically is the height of appropriating mediocrity.

The whole essence of this article is not to bash Governor Fayose, but to make the youths focus on what matters. If we keep celebrating mediocrity, how exactly do we expect to get better? If little things like a politician coming to drink in a bar with people can motivate masses to vote for that politician, it is obvious we are not ready to move forward. Us youths will have to step forward and look beyond irrelevant things and focus on what matters. The future is in our hands and the future is now. We have to demand for our rights and not settle for less. The fact that there is no good leader insight does not mean we should stop looking and settle for any available undeserving leader we see around.


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