I saw a show on TVC, ‘The big issue’. It was a debate about how ready Nigerian youths are for leadership. The representative for the youths argued that the youths were ready while his opponent argued that the youths weren’t because very few of Nigerian youths are members of political parties to begin with. Also, not a lot of the youths in Nigeria know about things like political structure. While his opponent argued that the few who are ready should be given the chance. But the point isn’t the amount of young lads that are ready, the point is, how well will they support their own. It’s not about ‘being given a chance’, its about how ready you are to take that chance. How willing are you to sacrifice for that course. Does the power have to be given to you on a platter of gold? Why are you not making the move to get to power yourselves, instead of waiting for the old people to empower you?  Because waiting to be empowered, only shows the lads are not ready for leadership.

The other debater argued that if all Nigerian youths come together to form a political party, they will definitely win due to their large population, which I totally agree with. But there’s still no political party formed by the young ones. This is mainly because they are not cooperative at all. While some are planning to rule Nigeria, the rest are planning to ruin it on behalf of our opponents. A typical example of that is the 2face and Charley Boy issue. Both of them took it upon themselves to be our messiah to fight the terrible government system. Instead of getting support, they get criticized. If Nigerian youths cannot even come together to protest or support a protest, do you think they will come together to form something as big as a political party?

The big question here is, ‘Why are the youths not acting?’,  ‘Are the youths cooperative enough to take over power?’ ‘Do they have a common goal?’ What do you think is the reason behind this and the possible solution? You can drop you opinions in the comment section below. Also like and subscribe. Thank you.

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