We all remember APC’s slogan for the last presidential election, CHANGE. Its been like two years now and we are yet to witness any ‘change’. Sometime last year, APC started telling us we are the change we need. They told us to ask ourselves how we have changed before asking the government for a change. Perhaps they were right. Not completely but slightly. Put aside the spite you may have for our government and ask yourself, ‘Are we really the change we need?’

If you live in Lagos, you’ve probably heard about the beautiful bridge our Governor, Ambode constructed at Abule Egba or whoever was responsible. Before the construction of that bridge started, a bus from Agbado/Ijaiye to Agege costs one hundred naira. When the construction started, Danfo drivers had to find other routes which too longer with worse traffic. They then increased the fare to one hundred and fifty naira. Now the bridge is open. Guess how much the fare is, one hundred and fifty naira. Why? If the government already exploit us, do we need to exploit ourselves too? There are lots of products that have their retail priced written on the pack but are still sold at prices higher. Dollar rate goes up and even the price of tomatoes go up too. I’m pretty sure we don’t import pepper, so why does the rate of dollar affect pepper, meat etc? Even the price of maize poultry farmers buy from crop farmers in Nigeria doubled. Nigerians would rather buy imported goods than patronize ‘made in Nigeria’ because some imported stuffs are cheaper and more reliable.


There are lots of other instances, but there’s no point listing all of them. So please, let us come together and be that change. The change starts with us. Let us be our brother’s keeper and stop exploiting once another. One Nigeria y’all.


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