Homosexuality is a pattern of emotional, sexual and romantic attraction, between members of the same gender. It also refers to a person’s sense of identity based on these attractions and behavior. Scientists have not specifically determined what is responsible for a person’s sexual orientation, but they believe that it has to do with hormonal, genetics, social and environmental influences, and therefore do not think it is a choice. Although, quite a number of people believe that homosexuality is abnormal, scientific research has shown that it is a normal and natural variation in the human sexuality. Even so, homosexual behavior has been identified in animals as well. 

It is a common knowledge that homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria, and it attracts 14 years imprisonment. Anybody who also aids, abets, or witnesses it, is liable to 5 years imprisonment. The reason behind the hatred for homosexuals in our society is not quite known, coupled with the fact that their sexuality cannot harm anybody, the only possible explanation is that a lot of Nigerians are transphobic. A lot of people do not like to admit they are transphobic, so they simply cover up their hate for people who are gay with religion. As most people already know, homosexuality is a sin according to The Bible, people therefore use this as an excuse to hate Homosexuals, even though the same Bible urges people to love their neighbors as themselves, it also teaches us to not be judgmental.

Not long ago, I saw a girl talking about how people who are gay cannot be Christians, because homosexuality is a sin. Well, being gay is a sin according to the Bible, just like every other sins like stealing, fornicating, adultery, hate and so on. This happens to be a girl who fornicates and calls herself a Christian. Jesus said in John 8:7 “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” This verse was about how the Pharisees wanted to stone a woman who was accused of committing adultery, Jesus then asked them to stone her if only they were without sin. This part of The Bible clearly illustrates that hypocrisy and being judgmental is not okay in Christianity. Hypocrisy in the sense that all sins are equal, they is no greater or lesser sin, even if there were, homosexuality would be part of the lesser sins, because it’s a sin against one’s self, one that wouldn’t affect other people, except the persons partaking in it, unlike stealing or killing. 

Therefore, if people who are gay can’t be called Christians, then people who steal, lie, fornicate, commit adultery, kill etc are not Christians then. That way, there will be very few Christians. The society has found a way to normalize hypocrisy that it seems almost normal to judge someone, when you’re probably worse than the person you’re judging. The so-called Christians or religious people have found a way to grade sins which is totally wrong, the fact that a person sins differently from you doesn’t make you a better human than the person. Religious people should learn to not feel superior to other people because in the end, we all are sinners, neither should they take it upon themselves to judge other people, because you are not God. Also, learn to understand that not everyone is religious or worships your God, you cannot continue to impose your beliefs on everyone. 

Nobody has died from being gay, neither has anybody died from looking at homosexuals. Homosexuals are human beings and should be treated as such. They have every right to choose and own their sexuality, just like everybody else, because human rights exist for a reason. 

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