It is true that the ‘new year, new me’ is just a fallacy that people love to use to enable themselves feel better, and feel as though they have control over their lives. It is also true that it is very impossible for one’s life to change overnight, because of the arrival of a new year, contrary to be mindset a lot of people have towards the concept of a new year. As unreasonable as the celebration of a ‘new year, new me’ sounds, if we look closely, it isn’t exactly a bad idea, and here’s how;
As human beings, we are likely to face challenges in life, some of which are a result of our own mistakes or misdeeds, we are also faced with things like procrastination, fear, setbacks etc. Notice that these things are factors that we have control over, but we somehow still face these problems. The concept of a new year therefore brings hope and an opportunity for a fresh start, like a clean slate where we can decide what to do or not do, it makes us feel like we now have control, and we can now make necessary changes. Even though there is no actual difference between the old and the new year, we use our mindset towards the new year, to create that difference by not letting things like fear get to us, we then begin to put in more effort, because we think that the new year will bring good tidings and new opportunities. Basically, it serves as illusion of another to make one’s life better.

Definitely, the concept of ‘new year, new me’ isn’t a bad idea, it might be a myth or a fallacy, but it’s a healthy and a positive one, as it gives people hope and motivation. Whereupon, there is absolutely no need to take it away from people, because sometimes, people’s mindsets towards certain occurrences are more important than the occurrences themselves, just like the ‘mind over matter’ saying goes.

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  1. Beautiful piece and I totally agree with you but I’ll like to add a little bit of critic
    1. The bible in the book of ecclesiastes says ‘money answereth everything ‘ EVERYTHING that is to say money is very essentiaL
    Let’s not forget how specific the bible is
    2. In days of old you could ride into a village with a bicycle and preach the gospel and you’ll have converts but it’s really difficult these days how can you convince a hungry man who hasn’t had a decent meal in days that he should repent and stop his little illegal hustle which isn’t even paYing him enough to eat
    Hence missionaries require some sort of attraction ( money ) to have a level ground with A hungry unbeliever , if I caN feed a hungry man then I can tell him that Jesus loves him and if I can’t tell him that Jesus offers a better life for him …. E no go send me’
    By better life I obviously mean wealth
    Most of the ‘big boys’ in the bible had not only heavenly riches but earthly weAlth as well
    The number of weaLthy people outnumbers the poor probably 5-1
    DAniel, job , abraHaM , Isaac , let’s not even mention kings like David solomon and the rest
    Personally I don’t see anything wrong with preaching success along side repentance

    1. But the thing is, the pastors do not actually give to the people, they take from them, and then promise them miracles of financial breakthrough. It would have been a good idea of pastors contributed to reducing poverty, but they don’t

      1. If i may, i would like to add that while it may be the case that more rich people are mentioned in the Bible than poor, a lot of these people did not start of as being rich. Many of them in fact were initially poor. But it is for our learning that we see that as these people live righteous and faithful lives, the Lord in His mercy decides to bless some of them (though not all, for example Jeremiah, Asaph – Psalm 73) so as to encourage them. But this is primarily the case only in the old Testament as Interesting enough, in the New Testament we find that most believers were actually poor, even the Lord Jesus’ family and most of the disciples (not all).

        The work of evangelists and ministers of God has less to do with the material condition of man than the spiritual condition of man. What does it profit a man if he should gain the world and loose his own soul. The beatitudes also shows us the beauty of living simple, after all, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But we may say that its not so that people should become rich but to have a more comfortable life and ministers should help with this. The minister however should focus more on the spiritual issues than the material because it is likely then that the person will be seeking God only for the material blessing which if it should not meet his expectation, he will just as quickly leave the God he was searching for because the foundation was all wrong. It is important that a mans desire for God is removed from any material desires. A minister that preaches success and wealth along-side the gospel of repentance from sin unto salvation is doing more damage than good and isn’t being faithful.

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