Cheating in relationships or marriages is simply having any physical/sexual or emotional connection with anybody other than one’s partner. It may be classified as a from of domestic violence in marriages, emotional abuse to be specific. Physical cheating involves having any sexual relationship with a person that isn’t your spouse while emotional cheating is when a person starts confiding in someone other than their lover, sharing thoughts and dreams with that person. This type of cheating usually starts with friendship, then goes deeper than mere friendship. When a person starts cheating emotionally, he/she may begin to withdraw from their better half or finally dump their spouse, because emotions play a very big role in relationships. Of course, the most common form of cheating is sexual/physical, and although it seems to be less threatening compared to Emotional cheating, it is a form of unfaithfulness that emasculates men whenever their significant other indulges in it, unlike women who are usually threatened by emotional cheating. Perhaps the reason why women do not feel threatened by sexual unfaithfulness is because of the common belief that ‘all men cheat’, while women on the other hand are believed to be able to control their sexual urges. Which is why men don’t take sexual cheating well from their partners. 
The simple truth is, not all men cheat sexually, and I know this because I have met a couple of men who do not cheat. Unfaithfulness in love affairs is simply choice, and as long has a person has the choice of not violating a relationship, then it can be controlled. And if it can be controlled, that means not all men are unfaithful. The only thing that has fueled the belief of men being naturally unfaithful is the fact that the society has tolerated cheating from men, especially African societies. When males defile their affair physically, females are expected to forgive them, because men are seen as people who cannot control their sexual urges. This is also the same narrative a lot of people attach to rape when they blame the ladies for causing themselves to be raped, because of their outfit. Men therefore feed on this belief and use it as excuse to keep abusing their spouses emotionally, which is totally wrong. They know they will be pardoned for defiling their relationship, so they defile it anyway. This is a very toxic myth that needs to be checked. As a human being, if you find it difficult to control your sexual desires, then you have begin to fall short of being a human being. 
Women on the other hand also cheat, but unlike men, are more careful about it. This is because they do not have the liberty of cheating like their male counterparts, thus, the hide it. Quite a number of men cheat to the faces of their significant other, because the society thinks its okay for them to act uncultured, but this does not apply to women. They are therefore more tactical with it and do it with a degree of fear, and in secrecy of course, because very few men will forgive sexual cheating, as women are supposed to be loyal, unlike men. 
This is not to say that unfaithfulness should be tolerated for females also, it just means both genders face the temptation of cheating and both genders have the power to choose not to. Cheating causes the affected spouse to blame themselves or think they are not good enough, which is why it is regarded as psychological abuse. Nobody is built to be able to condone any form of cheating, whether physical or emotional, and nobody should be compelled to. Disloyalty should not be appropriated based on gender, neither should it be appropriated at all.

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