Do laws still exist?

I was in a bus the other day, a “Danfo” to be specific. There was traffic on the road and the driver was confused as to where or which road to take. He then decided to take the other route. He got there and realized the road was blocked. He had to go back to the previous route he abandoned. Alas the road was already free. Passengers began to shout at him, telling him he should have just be patient. Then one of the passengers, a woman, decided to tell everyone a story about how patience is a virtue. She talked about the day she was flogged with “koboko” because she didn’t use the pedestrian bridge. What normally happened to defaulters is that they are asked to pay a fine by government officials. But she was unlucky. According to her story, she was in a hurry to an appointment and didn’t want to waste her time by using the pedestrian bridge, so she just ran across the road. As soon as she got to the other side of the road, a man dragged her by her clothes and started flogging her with a koboko. He continued till she peed on her body.

The last time I checked Nigeria does not operate military rule so I don’t understand why someone should be flogged for crossing the road or for any other reason. There is a law that states that defaulters should pay a fine, if defaulter is given any other punishment apart from the fine that should be paid, that is as good as another crime. The payment of a fine is effective enough because personally if I was asked to pay a fine for crossing the road, trust me to never cross the road again. What’s more disturbing is the fact that nobody stopped the man for flogging the woman.

What kind of society do we live in that we as humans find it difficult to stand up each other?

But its only my opinion, you can share yours by commenting in the comment box below. Thank you for reading, please share, comment and come back time, thank you.

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