Nigeria is 57 today, 57 without any achievement to brag about. No good health care system, terrible educational system, bad roads all over the country, zero security, unemployment rate gets higher by the day, and people still say ‘Happy Independence Day’, what’s so happy about it? 

The only significance of Nigeria is being known as ‘The giant of Africa’, obviously because we are the most populated country in Africa. There is absolutely nothing worth celebrating about the current state of the country. Even when you try to see further, its just blank. The current government now are just a bunch of power thirsty people who only want power so they can steal or not do anything at all. They make so many promises, come into power and then turn deaf ears to the masses who supported them. When the masses try to speak up, they shut them up. Imagine a country where protests can’t hold, thats basically a military regime. No freedom of speech whatsoever. The police who are meant to protect people, keep harassing young boys so as to collect money from them. Instead of providing security for the people, they show up at crime scenes hours after the crime has taken place. They would rather stay on the roads, checking so called traffic, when in actuality, they only stay there to collect money from bus drivers like glorified criminals. Let’s talk about the Education systes, where university graduates can’t even speak proper English. Public universities could go on strike for months and the government would do nothing about it. How are students supposed to learn well when basic amenities like light and water are not provided in the school hostels? The lecturers, instead of encouraging intelligence, only encourage ‘cramming’, word for word examinations. Then when its time to look for jobs in the outside world, the graduates realize all they have learnt from school is theory. Which is why people who studied English Language can work in banks, since they all still need training at the end of the day. Lecturers go to lecture their students whenever they please, not like you can blame them, when they have to strike every now and then before the government can pay their salary. Doctors in public hospitals keep going on strikes, even the nurses aren’t excluded, and when they do, one can only imagine how many deaths would have occured. If a system as important as Health care can’t be taken seriously by the government, then the country is in doom.

Now, instead of the government giving the IPOBs a listening ear, they are termed as terrorists for speaking up for themselves, even though they are the ones being terrorized by our so called leaders. Yet our government are the real terrorists, they terrorize the citizens everyday, they steal our money, fail to provide us with basic amenities, fail to fulfill their promises and seize the freedom of speech from us, as if we are animals. What’s worse is that we can’t even think of better rulers to come without totally eliminating the current one.
Despite all of these challenges, Nigerians are still high-spirited, we are tired, but hopeful that they are better days to come. That is why we smile through all the suffering, because that is what keeps us sane, we go for parties every weekend, put on our best outfits and look like the beautiful people that we are, we celebrate like it’s our last and find solace in what makes us happy. Happy Independence Day to Nigerians, may we have better days to come.

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