The original essence of Social Media was to connect to people, but as we all know, Nigeria doesn’t have a lot of opportunities. Hence, quiet alot of people have created job for themselves, some, in the least way possible, which is what Mr Ibe has done, creating a job for himself by making jokes on social media. Here’s an insight to how it all started.

Can you please tell us a little about you? 

My name is Kenneth Ibe. @i_pissmedia on all social media platforms. I studied Economics in Lead City University Ibadan. I am into social media marketing. I help brands pass across their messages through social media.

What led you to monetizing your social media? 
Well it started like a joke, nothing serious but as time went by, it became a hobby and since you have to make a living from whatever can bring food on the table, I gradually started monetizing my account. For a long time, it has always been jokes and free publicity for brands, but I hanged on to the fact that “whatever you do for free will one day pay you a fee”.

What were the challenges you faced when you started?

One of the challenges I faced was time. You have to be online 247 all days of the week. But along the way, I learnt how to manage my time and have a balanced life. Moreover, the issue of piracy was disturbing. There were some people who lift my tweets word for word without giving credit. It was disturbing at first but I’ve learnt how to manage that. People now know how I tweet so when they see a particular tweet somewhere else, they can easily tell if it was my original tweet or not.

Asides from digital marketing, what other ways do you think people can monetize their social media?
Social media is all encompassing. There are various ways people can monetize their account. It could be through sponsored tweets. Some could be through sharing experiences people can relate to. There is actually no limit on how you can monetize your account. When it comes to the platforms effective for monetization, all social media platforms can be monetized. They are different communities and operate in different ways. If you know the peculiarities of a particular social media platform, you can easily harness the opportunities it presents.

What are the dos and don’ts of making money through social media? 
The dos and don’ts of making money on social media is actually similar to the dos and don’ts of making money from a business or whatever you do. Although many experts say that social media isn’t for selling but for connecting with people. But at some point you, will want to leverage on the connections you have created because they now to some point, trust what you say and will want to go with your recommendations. Whatever you do when trying to make money by promoting people’s brand on social media, make you are also adding value to people , if not, they will see your account as “spam”. Don’t look desperate, don’t overload people with information.

How is the success rate of making money from social media? 
Success rate depends on how much work you put into building your account. You have to be able to gain the respect of your followers first, before brands can believe in you and will want to do business with you.

Quite a number of people believe bad publicity is good publicity. They therefore begin to do controversial things so as to get attention on social media, do you agree to that notion? 
Well, some people say publicity is publicity, nothing like bad publicity. While to an extent, it might be true but looking at it from an objective angle, I wont totally agree with that. This is where Publicity differs from PR. Publicity just like it sounds is the state of being public, making something or someone attract a lot of interest or attention (positive or negative) and it is completely different from other forms of communications like PR, Advertising, etc. PR is a strategic management function that helps an organization communicate, establish and maintain communication with the public. Bad publicity doesn’t last, that is why I don’t subscribe to using bad publicity for PR, it really doesn’t achieve its purpose. I’ll rather be strategic with it.

In your opinion, what is the most effective way to publicizing yourself on social media? 
Be strategic. Communicate with your followers. Be natural and tell your story in the most believable manner. With that, you build their trust over time and they get to buy into your idea or whatever you recommend.

What is the major determinant when it comes to making money online? 
The number 1 priority shouldn’t be making money. Passion should come first. That’s what keeps you going and brings in money as well.

Nowadays, we have a lot of kids on social media even though social media has negative effects sometimes, do you think it is okay? 

We should realize that knowledge is increasing daily, and the rate at which technology advances is alarming. The kids of nowadays are smarter  but most times, cannot keep up with the realities of life. Most things that happen on social media are not real but a lot of kids build their lives around the information they get on social media. I think parents, religious leaders and the society at large have a role to play in educating kids and youths and help keep them in check at all times.

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