How would you live your life if you find out you have a terminal illness?
A while ago, I was thinking about life generally, thinking of how it was unfair to some people that they had terminal illnesses like cancer and the rest. Then it occurred to me that life isn’t guaranteed, and things like that can happen to anybody, even me. This made me think to myself, ‘what will I do if discover I have a terminal illness?’ The first thing that came to my mind was the fact that I still had a lot of things to do that I haven’t done, maybe due to fear, procrastination, laziness, or even lack of finance, that I still had dreams and aspirations to fulfill, I still had to spend more time with my loved ones and showed the people who mattered to me, how much I care about them. It was then I realized that life really isn’t guaranteed, and there’s no point wasting time when it isn’t even certain.

Maybe not everyone has had life threatening experiences that could have made us realize how uncertain the gift or life is, or how seriously we need to take life, but we all have definitely seen people who had plans, dreams and aspiration cut short due to unfortunate happenings. Those people were human beings like us, who had plans of what they would do the next day, or the next week, or even the next month, but unfortunately never got to fulfill their plans, because of unforeseen disasters.

We need to bear in mind that, nobody is greater than death or greater than losing their loved ones. Once we understand that, we would see the necessity of spending our time wisely, and living each day to its fullest, making every moment count, and not living with the hopes to being able to make up for wasting time in the uncertain future. We would understand the importance of letting every moment count, because the moment we realize we have only limited time, we will be filled with nothing but regrets, because of the time we have misused in the past. Why then should we wait till we have no time left before acting? Why should we wait till it’s too late before we start acting? Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to spend all of our days judiciously, such that we would have no regrets for wasting precious time in the future, even if we have limited days left?

No matter our age or achievements, we need to begin to live life as if we have been given a second chance to make things right, because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Things like fear or procrastination should be kept aside, because they will only cause delay. We should learn to take more chances in life, and not hold back, because we think we are not good enough for certain opportunities, or because we think we are too young or too old or not worthy of a chance, because in the end, we will only regret the opportunities we missed, and the chances we didn’t take because we were paralyzed with fear.

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