The Chibok girls were kidnapped April 14, 2014 and now we have 106 of them back, although it took very long to have those girls back, we are still glad that they are back. One can only imagine the horror those girls must have gone through, therefore, the safety and security of those girls is naturally supposed to be the utmost priority of the government. The Federal government has decided to enroll these girls in universities, which I think is a good thing, but I do not understand why it has to be private universities, that cost more than one million naira per child.

Notwithstanding the fact that the government is probably trying to make up for failing the young girls, a lot of things need to be considered before deciding to spend a whooping N164.7M on the school fees of those girls for just one semester, clearly our government did not consider anything. A lot of people believe that the issue of security is probably the reason that prompted our leaders to make such decision. But I cannot help but wonder, does this mean that the ordinary State and Federal universities in Nigeria are not secured enough? Does this mean that every students in Federal universities all over the country need to be responsible for their own safety, as the government cannot guarantee that? I mean, if the government cannot trust one of the schools they own, to enroll the chibok girls in because of security, then that means security isn’t guaranteed.

I get the fact that these girls might need to be in a different, secured environment, but they can be taken to government universities in Abuja or Lagos. This is a country that is in huge debit, there is no need to be consciously enriching the pockets of the individuals that run the private sector. The government can instead invest that money into a particular Federal university in terms of security and infrastructures, where all of the girls will be enrolled, since our government is fully aware of the inefficiency of our schools.

Also, we all know how inconsistent our leaders are, they may decide in the next two years that they can no longer fund the payment of the school fees of those girls, or another set of government may come and decide that it is unnecessary, thereby not completing the project at all. Therefore, I do not think that spending that amount of money is necessary or even a wise move. Instead, the government should invest the money in a government university, where those girls would be enrolled in, thereby improving the security and other aspects of the school, so that the government won’t only save a lot of money because of how expensive the private school is, it will also serve as an opportunity to grow the intended federal university, as the money that is supposed to go out, will be used for the development of the school.

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