Should women be favored over men to encourage Women Empowerment?

This is a very controversial issue that has a lot to do with Feminism which is why my last post was about Feminism. So if you do not like Feminism, you probably will not like this post (disclaimer *ha ha* lol).

Women Empowerment is one of the major purposes of Feminism.  Women Empowerment is basically about empowering women to be able to participate fully in economic life across all sectors around the globe. It promotes women involvement in business, military, politics, education and so many other sectors.  There are lots of sectors/industries that do not have a lot of women involved in them for some funny reasons. You might want to ask ‘Why do women need to get involved?’ Well there are different reasons

  • An industry or sector will perform better if it is diverse. It would be better to have different sexes and race in an industry compared to an industry that consists of only black men. People think differently so it will make a lot of sense to have people contributing different ideas.
  • Economic Growth: Women make close to 50% of the human population. Empowering women by giving them job opportunities will increase income and productivity, thereby increasing the GDP of the country. This can also increase employment rate because women will therefore be able to set up businesses with their business ideas.
  • Domestic Violence: Uneducated women more exposed to domestic violence than educated women.

Now the question is, ‘How do you get women to be more involved?’

We all know the World has come a long way with empowering women. Things are not the way they used to be. Women now work in various sectors which is good news. But not all countries are making this progress. For example, U.S is yet to have a female president. Nigeria has only had one female governor so far (We have 36 states).  It’s so bad that some women will boldly say a woman can never rule Nigeria. Why is that? Because as far as we can see the ‘men’ haven’t exactly done a good job with moving the country forward.  I’m not saying a female president is the solution to Nigeria’s problem, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little change.  So obviously, we can see there are not many women involved in politics in Nigeria.  There are lots of sectors that do not have women involved in them, either because they are women or because women are not qualified enough.

In sectors where women are not involved just because women are women, I think the solution is obvious. People should not be discriminated against because of their race or sexes. If they are qualified, then why not?

In other cases were women may not be qualified enough for various reasons, should women be slightly favoured over men to encourage women empowerment? For example, in Engineering, women may be intellectually sound but might lack the physical strength that may be needed in the profession. In such case, should women be disallowed because of their lack of strength? Some sectors might just need more women, is it okay to favour women over men in cases like this? Well that’s my question for the day, ‘Should women be favoured over men to encourage women empowerment?’


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