SOCIAL MEDIA: Good or Bad? (2)

My last post was about the advantages and disadvantages of social media, where I shared a story about how a young lady ruined her relationship because she was trying to meet up to ‘Instagram standard’. The next story I’ll be sharing here will be relating to how a man can also be affected by the influence of social media standards. (N.B: Its a true life story, all my stories are)

A young man had a male friend who had been single for a while so he decided to help his friend by helping him look for a girlfriend (for the sake of clarity, I’ll name the young man Akin and the single friend Boye) Akin kept introducing girls to his friend but his friend, Boye didn’t seem to like any of the girls. Eventually the Akin got tired and asked Boye to show him a picture of the kind of girl he likes. Lo and behold, Boye shows Akin a picture of an Instagram model. Hmm looks like this young man has a very high taste in women.

Now let’s be realistic, most of these Instagram models don’t even look like their pictures. They do a lot of photoshoop and aldisappointed so even if he meets the Instagram model of his dreams, he probably would be disappointed. So *snap* let’s face reality.

A standard has been set on social media so people will go to crazy lengths just to meet that standard. Some of these girls even have surgries done, use body enhancement creams that they dont even know the side effects, then come on social media to lie to other girls that they’ve been working out or drinking a lot of water. Then some other girls believe them and start their so called next to impossible workout routine and still don’t get the needed results. So it becomes a crazy circle (which needs to stop by the way). So we can see how social media affects us negatively, making us too concerned about things that don’t even matter, causing self esteem issues for some people because they don’t have the perfect body or drive the lastest cars. Leave social media and look at the people around you, that’s life, not the one you see on social media.

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