Social Media- Good or Bad?

The first thing that will come to your mind if you were asked this question is good. That’s because social media has obviously done a lot of good in our lives. It helps us keep in touch with old friends, colleagues, family members e.t.c. It also helps us meet new people, create awareness on different issues, share your opinions on topics and helps us learn from others. Some people even use it as a means of promoting their business. So yes, social media has done a lot of good.

But we know everything that has advantages surely has disadvantages. Some of us might not be able to relate to the evil of social media but it does exist. Others we be affected by this evil but may not even know it. I’ll be telling a story about how social media affects people negatively without them even knowing. Here’s my story.

A friend of mine told me about a man who broke his engagement with his fiancee because of her obsession over meeting social media standards. Apparently the young lady was a makeup artist who puts her work on her Instagram page and was a bit popular for her work. He proposed to her like any regular guy would but she insisted on them staging another proposal that would be big and expensive so as to get attention on social media.  The young man had to agree. It was time for their Introduction and she told him she wanted a big one so she’ll be able to put it up on Instagram. He agreed again. What finally blew him off was when the lady insisted they stay on Lagos Island after their wedding. He explained to her that he didn’t have enough money to get an apartment on the Island yet but she still insisted. He had to call off the engagement. 

This young lady had seen celebrities and rich people do things in extravagant manners, show it off on social media and as set it as a standard of living among themselves. She as well wants to live up to that standard, but not considering other factors. These people can do things like that but random people like us can’t because we don’t have the time and money that they have. The truth is, you can’t live by standards set by other people cos you are not the same as them. And if you do, you won’t be able to keep up. You might end up running into debt if you’re not careful. As the saying goes, “cut your coat according to your size”.

You probably might not even know it’s the things you see on social media that allows you make some irrational decisions.  It takes vigilance and self control to overcome the pressure. This does not only apply to material things and women. 

But its only my opinion, you can share yours by commenting in the comment box below. Thank you for reading, please share, comment and come back time.

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