SUICIDE – A Crime?

It has become a common knowledge in Nigeria that suicide rate is on the rise. This can be traced to the current economic situation of the country. As at 2015, Nigeria was ranked as the 30th country with the highest suicide rate in the world by WHO. One can only imagine how bad it has gotten. It has also been said that 75% of global suicide occur in low and middle earning countries. Well Nigeria isn’t particularly a rich country.

People do not just become suicidal overnight. It starts with something called ‘Depression’. But some other Nigerians like to believe it is ‘jazz’ Supernatural. Personally, I prefer to go with the more logical explanation. Depression is a serious and common medical sickness which is often overlooked by Nigerians. This can affect people of any age or gender. It could be caused by personality problems, environmental factors or brain chemistry. It is a very serious medical illness because it could affect people negatively by changing their moods, making them isolate themselves from people or activities in general. It can also make people suicidal, hence, they commit suicide. The good part about all of these is that it is highly treatable, depending on the cause. Medications could be recommended for people who are suicidal, talk therapy or self help. Since suicide is on the rise in Nigeria and it is caused by depression, don’t you think the only logical solution to suicide rate decrease is to start addressing depression? Or better still, let the government fix the economic situation since that is the reason for suicide increase in Nigeria.

But our dear government chose the easiest solution out of all. They instead made attempted suicide a crime. This would have made a lot of sense if the people who actually commit suicide can be arrested. But they can’t. So next time, all everyone has to do when considering suicide is to make sure that they actually die. I don’t see how that is helping suicide rate reduce. If the country cannot cater for it’s citizen by providing them with the necessary medical help to overcome depression, then leave them alone. How do you arrest someone who is both depressed and suicidal? I can only imagine how worse the person will become.

In my opinion, the reason behind making suicide a crime is to protect the country’s name.’ A country with increasing suicide rate isn’t exactly the best country. And considering the fact that Nigeria isn’t a country known for the best things, adding suicide to the list of bad things we are known for isn’t the best thing we can do for ourselves as a nation. So why not make attempted suicide a crime so people will be so scared to commit suicide?’ But boo! People will only make sure they die when next they attempt suicide. Now tell me how that decreases suicide rate. Why not do the reasonable and make sure people who attempt suicide or are undergoing depression get the medical attention that they need so that the problem of depression can be tackled even before the person becomes suicidal?

Some people may argue that people who attempt suicide but fail are not actually depressed but are only seeking pity and favours from people. Well nobody is inclined to do favours for people who attempted suicide, so if you feel like that, then by all means, do not grant them any favours. But they should not be subjected to punishment because they tried to take their own lives.


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