I know this old lady who had a little girl of nine years old. I met her daughter for the first time and I saw her using her mom’s Facebook account to chat with people, strangers included. Apparently her mom allows it because the little girl had no phone yet and could be bored. What bothered me was when I saw her chatting with a total stranger, a male. She kept asking me to explain the meaning of the abbreviations the man was sending. Later, she told me to take a picture of her and send it to the person, which I did. While we were at it, her mother paid no mind to us. I couldn’t not help but wonder, what if this stranger was a pedophile? What if he starting sex chatting with her and telling her to masturbate? Her mother will probably never know what is happening to her daughter. What if he tricks her to his house and he rapes or kidnaps her? He’s a total stranger, which means he can’t be found.

I understand that the world is now modernized and thanks to technology, we can meet and communicate with people from different parts of the world. Social media is really a good thing, but what about its effects on the young generation? There are little kids on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Even though there’s an age limit to sign up for some of these social media accounts, parents would rather increase the ages of their children so they can open accounts there and make their children cool like the other kids. Its not even unusual for little children to be on social media because a lot of them are. But what about the effects social media can have on them? Twitter for example is somewhere pornographic videos and pictures can be posted without any restrictions whatsoever. Are we sure we want 13 years olds watching porn? What do you think will happen to a boy that starts masturbating and watching porn at 13? They can come across videos like this anywhere on the Internet, not just twitter. What on earth are 10 year olds doing on social media? There are 16 years old girls on social media who look nothing like 16. Such girls will have way older men disturbing them in no time because they don’t even look their age and you can’t blame the men. They post pictures with lots of makeup and lingerie on social media, how on earth will anybody be able to guess their age? What if they meet strangers on the social media who could harm them? There could he pedophiles, kidnappers, thieves, rapists on social media and kids are innocent, they do not know the harm that could come to them. Its the job of parents to protect them, but how can they be protected when there’s something like internet everywhere?

Do you think its possible to protect kids for the possible negative impacts of social media? What do you think can be done to protects kids? Please be sure to drop your comments in the comment section below and subscribe to my blog to get notifications, thank you.

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