“The youths are the leaders of tomorrow”. I have been hearing this quote since when I was in primary school. Now I am a university graduate and the ‘youths’ when I was 5 years old are yet to be leaders. I wonder when the youths of today will ever get the chance to lead.

Our current government have taken it upon themselves to remain in power ‘till thy kingdom come’. Of course there would not have been so many problems with that if they weren’t destroying the country and the future of the supposed leaders of tomorrow. The standard of education is as low as it can be. There are quite a number of secondary school graduates that cannot even construct a correct sentence in English. And you wonder what kind of school they graduated from. The better question is, ‘How is such a school even recognized by the government?’

Even for university graduates, the ones with the good grades aren’t assured of the jobs if they do not have connections. We often see people who graduated with first class and second class degrees looking for jobs while the ones with third class get the best jobs. You can only imagine the intellectual abilities we leave to keep wasting while the incompetent lots get the jobs. When those ‘intellectual abilities’ get tired of sitting at home, they go abroad looking for greener pastures. And that’s how our bests excel outside the country. So how exactly are we suppose to excel as a nation? How is the economy supposed to grow when those in power are just a bunch of knuckeheads who have no idea what they are even doing in office?

As if that isn’t bad enough, you walk into a bank and you see someone who studied Communication arts working in the bank. I do not think there’s a shortage of Accounting, Economics or Business administration graduates in Nigeria, then why bring in someone whose degree has nothing to do with the job? That’s just like a mockery to the profession itself. We also have OAPs getting employed because they can fake American accent instead of how smart they are. Personally, I think I’m more interested in what a person has to say, than how they sound.

There are also cases of people who are long overdue for retirement but we still have them reducing their age to avoid retirement. These are people who lack the energy and possibly, the new required skills for the job. Some of them in the private sectors go as far as creating unnecessary positions in other to make it harder and longer for the younger employees to reach their level because that will mean retirement for them.

Us youths are the ones who get affected by all of this madness because these old people will probably die soon. They have acquired all the money that they need , they have secured good jobs for their children who are probably incompetent, at our own expense. Of course some of us youth benefit from it, but is it really worth it? Selling your future for some money that won’t last forever? The only solution is for us to come together and fight this madness. 2face organized a protest and even some of us youth were calling him names, saying he has kids from different women. Is that even the point? We need to stop being quiet and start speaking up and empowering each other so we can save our future. All of these things are our rights so we have to demand it. Remember, it’s our future.

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