Makeup has been a women thing since time memorial. Even when you read the Book of Enoch, you will see that makeup has been around for a very long time now. However, it has taken a new turn. It has gone from straight line eyebrows, monochrome eye shadow, white powder to highlight, contour, ‘fleek’ eyebrows, blush, glitter eye shadow and so on. Makeup has now been termed as an agent of deception, especially by men. They say women use makeup to turn into totally different persons, which leads men to be deceived about the looks of women, as though women wake up every morning and decide that they want to deceive men before they start applying their eye shadow.

Of course, there are different reasons women use makeup and it could be due to peer pressure or insecurity. There was a time in my life I could not go out without applying foundation on my face because I had a bad skin, thanks to acne and acne scaring, which I still do have now. Thankfully, I started to to embrace my skin and love myself for who I was. I’m sure there are lots of women who can relate to this, using makeup to cover your flaws and becoming so used to it that you cannot do without it. It’s not even about how beautiful the makeup is or how different the person looks without it, its about how the person is so dependent on it that they cannot even do without it. When a person gets to this stage, then there is a problem. There’s a lady I work with, although her makeup isn’t good in the tiniest bit, I have never seen her without it. Even without needing makeup in the first place, continuous use of makeup could be addictive, leading a person to become dependent on it. This could happen because the person loves the compliments she gets whenever she uses makeup, she then begins to love it and obsess over it. There are also women who use makeup, not because they want to, but because they want to meet up with their peers or social media ‘slay’ standards. For example, 15 years old girls using makeup because they see a lot of women using makeup, or women using makeup because its a trend and end up looking less beautiful than they were without it. The latter isn’t even harmful, but the former is, because little girls using makeup will only cause insecurities for them at a very tender age, which might be difficult to go through at a young age. They could start thinking they look ugly without it.

But it could also be as means of expressing one’s self and enhancing one’s features, it could be just for the fun of it because makeup doesn’t actually mean anything in most cases. Quite a number of people, especially men, assume women who love makeup are either dumb, insecure, shallow or vain which is the most hilarious stereotype in the history of hilarious stereotypes. A man personally told me to focus less on my looks and more on my knowledge, it got me wondering if applying makeup reduced my IQ. Nobody knows how makeup started, all we know is a majority of women like using it and even though men claim they don’t like it, majority of them are still attracted to women who use makeup. If a man goes to party, of course he’s not going to approach the barefaced girl. This doesn’t mean women apply makeup because of men. I apply makeup when I feel like it, if a man thinks I’m better without it, I’ll still keep wearing it for a long as I want to.

Obviously, a woman will look different without makeup. Nobody buys foundation and a set of makeup brush to look the same after applying it. Women intend to look better with makeup by enhancing their beauty, making her look better with it. The only time makeup is a problem is when the woman is so dependent on it, or the makeup is trash. If a woman still feels beautiful without makeup, then she’s good. And if a man doesn’t like makeup, he can always go for girls who don’t use it.
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