The truth about self love

A plump lady posted a picture of herself in a bikini on social media saying how much confidence she had to gain to post the picture and how she’s doing that so she could love herself even more. She got a lot of attention, people complimenting her body and her boldness. A while after, someone else re-posted the same picture and told people to stop appropriating obesity and stop giving her fake compliments. The person thought her boldness was good but she needed to hear the truth about her body and not lies.

Now lets talk the truth about ‘self love’. The process of loving yourself has nothing to do with posting a “naked” picture of yourself on social media. That will only give you attention and compliments (which may be fake by the way) for a while. You could end up being humiliated, depending on the mood of the people viewing the post. Whichever way it turns out, holding on to other people’s attention and compliments to attain self love is pathetic. Because once you stop getting all the attention (which will eventually happen), you will have no reason to love yourself anymore. You go back to not loving yourself. But not a lot of people understand this. Or maybe they do but seem to like the temporary attention. Making yourself depend on people’s attention and compliments is basically depending on their approval before you can love yourself. People will give you attention in the first place even if they think you don’t look good because they’re trying to be positive and polite. But they’ll get over that in no time. If you depend on them the whole time, what’s going to happen when they get over you?

Self love is like true love. The kind of love you have for a rebellious child or the kind you have for your siblings even when they piss you off. It is the love you have for yourself even when nobody else loves you. You could be working on yourself, your body, your face, your attitude and still love yourself. You could post a picture of yourself, get only one like and still love yourself. That is exactly what self love is all about. It’s not easy to attain but its the best thing you can do for yourself.

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