What’s an article about feminism without first defining feminism? So I’ll be using definition for Merriam Webster dictionary.

  • “The theory of political, economic and social equality of sexes”. According to this definition, Feminism is a movement that stands for equal right and opportunities for both sexes. Of course women need feminism more because we are seen as ‘weaker sexes’ (which is something we don’t quite enjoy), it still fights for equality for everyone in the society. This means that Feminism thinks that people should not be treated unfairly based on their gender, whether man or woman. This does not exactly mean there should be exact equality for both genders because let’s face it, men and women cannot be totally equal, we are not the same. But we can be given equal opportunities, treatments etc.
  • “Organized activity on behalf of women’s right and interest”. This definition portrays Feminism as a selfish movement that only caters for the needs of women. It does not exactly states that it wants equality, it is basically concerned about the rights and interests of women.

From the definitions above, we can see that there are different kinds of feminism.

We all know Feminism is not the most accepted movement of our time because some feminists choose to fight for unrealistic and irrelevant courses. But on the brighter side, Feminism has fought and addressed rights of men, women and children. Examples include:

  • For women: Right to education, right to vote, right to hold political positions, right to equal salaries to men, right to initiate divorce, right to maternity leave allowance, addressed and reduced body- shaming and slut-shaming, fought against child-abuse, domestic violence etc
  • For men: fought for recognition of male rape, shown support to gay men, increased GDP by joining labor force, fought against racism, sharing the burden of war with men by joining the military etc.

But despite all of these, there are still people who do not support Feminism. A lot of people in fact. The word ‘feminism’ alone puts them off. Perhaps it’s because of how the word is spelled or the don’t know what feminism is all about.

But sexists still want to enjoy the benefits of Feminism. My Dad for example is a sexist. He doesn’t think a woman should talk back to her husband etc. But he wants his daughters to be educated, get good jobs and not depend on men to survive. There are lots of other sexists out there who want their daughters/sisters to live this good life that feminism has paved way for. The question now is ‘why don’t we all identify as feminists?’

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  1. I am one of those who have come to “dislike” the word and indeed it’s popular meaning. For almost no reason but the extremist feminists who approach all issues with that defensive near-bitter vocal armour. I do agree indeed that women’s rights are of great importance. It just so happens that the extremists take the shine from the moderate activists and get people like me pissed and uninterested. Your blog is good. Keep up.

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