Heyy Guys!

If you are reading this you are on my blog. Thanks for stopping by. This is my first post. The purpose of this blog is to address societal issues that maybe overlooked in our day to day activities. The society has some values that are not in favor of some people, and it’s our job as the people living in the society to fix the problem. We can do this by addressing such issues, talking about it, sharing opinions on it and letting people understand why it should not be done that way.

Let us be our own voice. We might not be able to help people financially but we can do it by creating awareness which can be done through talking and rubbing minds. Wrong things shouldn’t have to happen to people close to us before we realize it’s time to make a change.

Join me on this blog as we address the issues that needs to be addressed. Sit down, enjoy, relax and let’s  make OUR society a better place.


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