She got home from work late at night like she always does. She’s a primary school teacher but her salary is a stipend. Her husband lost his job years ago and has stopped working since then. She decided on extra classes for her students for extra income. The worst part of it is that her husband renders no help whatsoever, no financial or domestic aids. Even their children were beginning to disrespect him because he was a total liability. Surprisingly, she never complained because people will say she’s a proud wife just because her husband lost his job and she provides for the family.

On a faithful day, she gets home from work, goes into the kitchen as usual and prepares dinner for her husband and her. After eating, she went to the ladies, came back and met her husband’s used dishes still on the table. She felt unappreciated and got mad. He couldn’t even pack his own dishes.

Now before you say anything, this is a true life story that happened to someone close to me and is also applicable to a lot of other women. Even if he didn’t have a job, he could have at least helped her with the house chores. If a woman has no job, she will make up for it by doing the house chores. I don’t think there’s anything wrong if a man does the same. Even though most of us were brought up to think that house chores are meant to be done by the woman, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong if the man lends a helping hand. This particular man can’t even fulfil the duties of a man but wants his wife to keep fulfilling her duties. If a woman assists by providing for the family financially then I believe there’s nothing wrong if the man assists with the house chores.

We all know in a typical setting, the man should provide for the family while the woman takes care of the house, but lately, women have been doing more than taking care of the house. In my opinion, I think it is just simply evil to let your wife do both while you sit ideal and do nothing.

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