More often than normal, the word ‘sissy’ is used more as an abuse rather than a description. Normally, the word is used to describe men who are gay or act feminine, for example, men who use makeup, walk like women, men who dont like certain sports or men who show their emotions and so on. But the society has attached other meanings to the word. It is also used to describe men who are presumed to be weak, as though weakness is a standard feminine trait. When a man lacks courage or is shy, he’s called a sissy, in other to describe how weak he is. When by the way, sissies are men who act feminine.
On the other hand, tomboys do not get discriminated against. They are seen as perfect human beings, a little too boyish but perfect. Maybe because they aspire to be the ‘stronger sex’ while sissies aspire to be the ‘weaker sex’. 

I’m not certain what the answer is, but please leave your opinions in the comment section below, thank you.

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